Working Together


Making websites is a team activity. All sites begin with a coffee and a chat. The better I can understand what is needed the better I can help you achieve your goals. I can maintain a site for you or help you to maintain it yourself. With some clients it’s somewhere in between. Either way a good online presence begins with partnership.


I’ve been making sites for quite a while now, working with companies and organisations from all walks of life. Some things are universally true and some things are unique to you needs. Working through options together we can tailor what best suits your needs.


Almost all clients work with are on a tight budget. With this in mind I have specialised in WordPress websites over the past few years. WordPress is a free to use technology with some powerful advocates including The New York Times and Sony. WordPress integrates well with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



I’ve been making websites since 1995, when I first discovered the internet room at Nottingham Trent University.

The internet is a fantastic place. It can offer everything and nothing at all at the same time. Everyone should be online, using it to communicate, sell, promote, share, govern or just to have fun.

I have a part-time job with the Workers’ Educational Association as the Nottingham Community Involvement Organiser. I manage who tutors what and where to whom and why. It’s a great job. I sometimes teach a course in WordPress and web development through the WEA.

The rest of the week I make websites for community and voluntary groups as well as small businesses. Most of the time the work that I do is small-scale and I deliver the websites on my own. Sometimes I work with programmers, designers and copywriters if the website needs more than I can give. Either way I work hard to make sure that the new site owner has a tool that they can use in pursuit of their goals, be it reaching out to community, suppliers or customers.

I still get excited by the internet.

The internet is a fantastic place. It can offer everything and nothing at all at the same time.