Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire

Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Parish Council Update Session 29th January 2014 – Newark Showground The question is: When will we get fast and stable broadband connection in Nottinghamshire. The answer seems to be sometime soon. For anyone following this hotly contested issue this answer will come as no surprise. I attended the update session at […]

Promises, Promises

With 2014 well underway it’s time to take stock of all of those business resolutions so glibly promised a mere two weeks ago. I promise to update this website at least once a week I promise to stay on top of my accounts I promise to network more I promise to be more Alan Sugar […]

Riseholme Parish Council

I first met Liz when she attended a short course that I was running for the Workers’ Educational Association. The course was called Websites for Voluntary and Community Groups; and Liz was gearing up to make a website for Riseholme Parish Council. The site that Liz made and maintained using WordPress worked well for the […]

New Bread Video

Spent the morning making this video catalog for my good friend John over at Turners Bakery in Cropwell Bishop. Sit back and enjoy the magnificence of his craft. Desmond Dekker is a true legend. When he sang  ”Get up in the morning slaving for bread, sir. So that every mouth can be fed” in April of […]

Who owns you?

Here we are sitting looking at Tony’s existing website. He is contemplating a rebuild so we are also looking at other sites he likes. When considering a rebuild, one of the first things to check is who owns the existing web address. In Tony’s case it isn’t Tony. Not surprisingly he isn’t too pleased about […]

Langar cum Barnstone Parish Council

Langar cum Barnstone is a small parish in England’s East Midlands. Boasting around a thousand souls; the council decided to overhaul their existing site to better server the community. The site I built links with twitter and FaceBook as well as sending mail alerts to subscribers. It covers a wide range of subjects and a […]

A bit of magic…

A bit of a coup for Stage4Stars today. The world famous magician Paul Daniels tweeted the site address out to his 50,000 followers. Mr Daniels has been testing the stage and exploring its capabilities. Within 8 hours of his tweet hundreds of visitors visited the new site. Just goes to show that active tweeting does […]