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Memories of Trevor Baylis

Jon Rea, Trevor Baylis, Alan Carter-Davies – Early Summer 2002

The only time I actually met Trevor Baylis in 2002 at the Broadway Cinema at an innovation conference that my good friend Jon Rea and I were exhibiting at. Trevor was a true gentleman. He was attending the exhibition in the capacity of patron/mentor and was obviously tiring of being enthusing and complimentary with bright young things. By the time he’d worked round to our small project Jon and I decided it was time for a break. We decamped to the hall steps outside with Trevor in tow and lit up, watched the world walk by and just chilled.

It can be tricky when one meets with genuinely inspirational people. What does one say? That day in the early summer sunshine we didn’t say much. We asked no earnest questions or blathered on about our small project. We just smoked and basked.

Unbeknown to me (and obviously know to the others) we were captured à la documentary by Ursula Kelly. Weeks later a paper print out of the picture above was handed to me in a plain brown envelope in a bar. I still have that print out hanging in my office at home and when I clock it still makes me smile fondly in memory of the day we hung out with a true genius.

Our small project, by the way, was which ran for a couple of years before it had served its time.