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RideWise and the eclipse

eclipse-20-3-15-300x275Yesterday I spent a happy day with members of the RideWise team. RideWise are a Nottingham based charity committed to providing practical solutions that make cycling an enjoyable and safe form of everyday transport.

Our day was focused on exploring WordPress in both it’s forms. The .com and .org. ( provides a WordPress website/blog that is ready to go within minutes. It has some limitation but is perfect for trying things out and for simple websites. It is free at it’s most simple form. offers the WordPress system for download ready to install and customise to meet the needs of the site holder. This version is also free but needs funds for hosting and a web address.)

The big event yesterday was the partial eclipse. We all downed tools and trooped outside to experience the glory of the sun and moon. We were not alone in our pilgrimage, stepping out of the Lenton Centre we encountered a few others armed with pinhole cameras and masked mirrors for projecting the eclipse. My thanks go to the staff of the Lenton Centre for making our eclipse experience so comfortable. No sun blindness was experienced by our party!

During the rest of the morning we looked at the main differences between the two WordPress systems, how they integrate with social media and discussed how readers first engage with site content. Do readers come directly to the site or do they come through twitter, facebook etc? The jury was out on this debate but I hope I left the team with some food for thought.

Following a working lunch we decided as a group to skip the theory and get practical. personally I believe this a testament for the group as we were originally undertaking an overview for the day. However, there is no substitute for the thrill of setting up a site and publishing your first article. The team set up personal blogs on diverse subjects. One began making a website for their parent’s campsite based in Cornwall, one produced a site for a women’s touch rugby team, one produced a blog reviewing gigs that they had been to and the last (but not least) member of the team produced a blog about fun for everyone. This last blog is destined to use the WordPress language settings to be delivered in Spanish.

A fun afternoon full of energy and reward. I sincerely wish the RideWise team the best with their new sites and hope that they take some of the techniques they are practicing with them into their RideWise work.